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About Counselling & Psychotherapy


As a therapist, I aim to offer a warm, safe, confidential relationship within which

clients can work through any concerns which they may be experiencing.



Counselling could help you if you are currently experiencing any kind of dissatisfaction, distress or confusion in any area of your life.


Counselling can enable you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your present situation, and from this, empower you to make

more effective decisions and choices.


Within our sessions I will not offer specific advice or tell you what to do; instead, I will facilitate your own exploration of your situation and

feelings, and help you find the most appropriate solution for yourself.



People are often surprised at how powerful counselling can be and that 'just talking' about things in a contained space and facilitative relationship can be so helpful.



Counselling or Psychotherapy?


There is often debate about the difference between counselling and psychotherapy, and often the two terms are used interchangeably.


Counselling tends to focus on short terms problems, situations or specific issues, including, bereavement, relationship break down, work related stress, depression, anxiety.  Client and counsellor work together in order to enable the client to reach the most appropriate understanding or solution for the client.


Psychotherapy tends to be longer term work and focused more on psychological problems or ways of being which have built up in an individual over a longer course of time.



Therapy as an adventure ...


I like to think of counselling and any kind of therapy as an adventure, an exploration of a person's inner self.


When you take those first steps into therapy, there is no way of knowing where the process will take you.  When I'm in my therapy room, I like to think of me and my clients being part of an adventrue, exploring clients' thoughts, beliefs, experiences and feelings, uncovering relevant memories and connections; none of which we can know when we begin.  Sometimes the things we uncover don't make immediate sense, but if we can be brave enough to trust that process,. everything unfolds and is uncovered in its own good time ... and everything falls into place in the ways in which it's meant to, and when it's ready to ...